who we are

We‘re wedding photographers based in Kassel & Berlin, but we happily travel all around the world to capture your most precious memories.

Marina is interested in photography since over 15 years. She moved back to Kassel after receiving her photodesign diploma im Dortmund and started working as a freelance photographer for different companies. She never planned to become a wedding photographer but after taking pictures at several friend‘s weddings she was overwhelmed by all the love and positive feelings and decided to give it a try. She lives with her boyfriend and their two cats in a beautiful old appartment in the heart of Kassel. In her freetime she loves to do freeletics or go for a jog, watching movies and reading books. She‘s especially looking forward to combine her passion to explore the world with her photography and therefore getting to know even more places on this beautiful planet.

Originally Thijsiena lived in Kassel, too, but moved into the urban jungle of Berlin a while ago to study photodesign as well. She met Marina 10 years ago and since then they both share a strong friendship. Whenever she can she‘s packing her backpack and traveling the world, preferably through south-east-asia. If she‘s not traveling, she‘s spending her freetime with martial arts and yoga. Most important to her are her friends who are always supporting her and going with her on adventures. She‘d love to have cats, too, but is currently content with visiting Marina‘s cats when she‘s in Kassel.

We’re accompanying weddings alsways as a team of two, but have by now some wonderful second-shooters, who accompany us or work on their own for us.


what it’s all about

For us, a wedding is much more than just a formal statement. It's your personal beginning of a beautiful, lifelong journey and we feel so blessed to be part of this important moment. We especially love unconventional weddings and want to encourage everyone to think outside the traditions and make their own dream come true. Make LOVE your starting-point and don't fear breaking with traditions if they don't mean anything to you.

We're not at all fans of this stiff posing stuff, pushing you around to fulfill certain poses. We prefer to know our couples really well before a wedding so it feels just comfortable and natural to stand in front of our cameras.

Give us the opportunity to capture your love as it is. We want all the romantic, soft, fun, teasing, happy and weird love you have. We want to capture you in all the little things and all the big feelings.  


what we love

We love wild flower crowns, dancing in the rain, the beautiful moment the bridal couple sees each other for the first time. We love capturing all the precious little moments that you want to keep forever. We love honest laughter and tears of joy (and we promise you that we're going to laugh and cry with you all the time). We love simplicity and natural beauty, sunsets (who doesn't love them anyway!) and long summer nights. We believe that the spark of love is infinite and we happily accompany same-sex couples as well!

For us the very most important thing is: we love to capture your very personal, individual day in all of its facets for you. No matter if your planning a small, intimate wedding on top of a mountain or by the sea, if you're going to have a barn wedding or prefer to have your venue in a beautiful castle, we're on it!


what's most important to us

If you're looking for a photographer to take nice, posed pictures, we might be not the right choice for you. If you're looking around for the cheapest deal, you may not going to value what we'd like to give to you. Of course you deserve to have a photographer who will fit exactly all your needs and wishes, but we want to be way more than that.

While being stuck in wedding preparations you might loose you sight for what is really important. Wedding day pictures are maybe just one point on your checklist, but in hindsight it might be the most important. It's the only one that will increase in value over time, because it will frame everything of your big day.

For us it's really important that we get to know each other. We'd like to take pictures of you that you're grateful of while looking at them, that you look at and remember the beautiful situation we took them in and that'll remind you forever what a beautiful and kind person you've married. We'd like to take pictures of you that matter. We see no point in distance because you won't open up to us if we remain strangers to each other and we won't be able to capture what is most important to you.

So you've gotta be okay with us taking pictures in the most imperfect moments, cause in restrospective these are the ones worth keeping. We'll capture you crying and laughing and as we're all in we promise you we're going to cry and laugh with you all the time. We want to capture all the wild and calm, happy and emotional moments, all the situations you're in and all the ones you'll miss. Of course we'll do the obligatory groupshots and such but first of all we'd like to create memories for you that last a lifetime.