Reasons to Elope

You fear a big wedding with all the liabilities that come with it? You rather imagine a wedding in a small circle? Maybe an adventurous wedding or a destination wedding in a place you feel connected to? A stress-free wedding that is all about the two of you? We got something for you!

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What is an Elopement?

Eloping is one of the big wedding “trends” of the last years. When you google it, you find some sort of the folloing definitions:

Elopement, colloquially speaking, is often used to refer to a marriage conducted in sudden and secretive fashion, usually involving a hurried flight away from one's place of residence together with one's beloved with the intention of getting married.

Though you might flee certain traditions, in modern terms to elope does not mean to escape but rather to choose having your very own wedding experience with few to no guests. For us an elopement is up to 10 guests and an intimate wedding up to 50.


Why should you elope?

For many people a traditional wedding seems not a good fit

Imagine you found that one person for who you feel so deeply like for no one else. Together you experienced ups and downs and always found support in each other. You created worlds that you did not even know they could exist. And now you want to make it offical and tie the knot.

Traditionally, weddings are often associated with a big celebaration, with many people, a lot of organisation, many high expectations, especially from your own family and friends, or even with rituals that you don't feel connected to. Lots of people feel they're expected to throw a big wedding. We often see couples bow to those expectations due to a lack of alternatives. Sadly some of them even think during their big day that it hopefully will be over soon. And others even sneak away to get quickly married in the registry office in order not to comply with social norms and pressure.

We believe that YOU should be the focus of your wedding day. It is your big day and it should be your choice how to celebrate it. So if a big wedding day with lots of friends and family is what you want, go for it! It will be beautiful for sure and you should totally do it! But for all of you, who are overwhelmed by the amount of decisions that have to be made, like the venue, the decoration, which guests to invite and what to do that they won't get bored, and you don't feel comfortable because you never wanted that huge celebration, we'd like to point out other options. We had couples in the past who felt obliged to play the traditional games, even if they didn't relate but went along for peace sake. We don't see the point in this and would like to help you celebrate the most wonderful, stressfree wedding you ever imagined!

And if you’re into a eco-friendly lifestyle, a traditional wedding may not be the best choice as well. It produces huge amounts of trash and CO2. Letting balloons up in the sky is a major tradition, at least here in Germany, which causes around 25.000.000 Balloons in a year getting lost in the nature and polluting it. If you opt out of these traditions, you can do a lot for our environment.

Saving your sanity from planning a big wedding

If this is your first time getting married, you might totally underestimate the amount of time you’ll need to plan a big wedding. You have to be super organised to keep everything in mind - from finding and booking the right location, keep track of your vendors, paying deposits and receipts, collecting ideas for decoration and everything else and getting everything organised to be there in time. When not done with external help, like a wedding planner, this is getting overwhelming easily. And this might affect you, your anticipation, even your relationships to your loved ones. When we think about all this, it’s making us totally anxious.

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You don’t have to wait for the big day

Let your thoughts wander for a moment and think about what the perfect day could look like, free from all the obligations that a wedding seems to entail. Abbandon all the thoughts about expectations from outside and think about what the perfect day would look like just for you. A day where you enjoy every minute and want to soak up every moment. A day you will always remember with a smile. There is no wrong answer. No idea is too crazy. Ther are no limitations.

When you elope, you don’t have to plan like crazy for years, but you can totally choose to elope a few months ahead. You don’t need to wait for a certain venue to be free, you don’t need to plan around some people, but instead you can choose to elope in a month.

The two of you on a backpacking tour in the mountains where you can say your vows on top of a mountain.

Or during a road trip along the coast of Portugal, while the Atlantic wind carries your words into infinity.

Maybe at sunrise on a sailboat off the coast of Croatia.

Whether it's an intimate wedding with a handful of guests or an elopement with just the two of you, we got lots of places in our minds where you could promise each other. Our hearts beat faster when we think about all the emotional moments we could capture for you. Let us create a day, a weekend, an experience together that you will remember for a lifetime.

Your very own wedding day.

Don’t take your time for granted, life can change in the blink of an eye, so grab your chance!

You can choose a unique location

When you plan a traditional wedding there are always certain requirements you have to fulfill. Will the venue be the right fit? Which vendors are still available? But when you elope, the whole world is your playground! You can travel, explore, adventure alomost anywhere in the world. If you love travelling and getting around as much as we do, this is totally for you! You can choose the most epic backdrop for your vows - Asia, Europe, South America, almost everything you could imagine.

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It’s a more personal experience

The first thought of many couples is that such a decision would disappoint their families. But nobody ever said that you can't throw a party afterwards! The point is not to let yourself be overwhelmed by external factors and expectations so that you can enjoy your wedding day without worries.

We have often noticed that many don't want to set their wedding on a certain date because they don't want anyone to take a day off to attend their wedding. Or that they don't marry abroad because they don't want to put pressure on anyone to accompany them there.

But we think that everyone should celebrate as it feels right for them, without looking too much at what others might think about it.

You can totally include family and friends!

If you just don’t want the big hussle but share this beautiful experience with a few family members and friends, no one is holding you back!

If you consider an elopement for the most personal experience, we would recommend up to 10 guests.
If you’d like to celebrate with some more, you can choose an intimate wedding with up to 50 guests. But be aware of not overdoing things. Keep it simple or the hussle might start even at only 50 guests ;)

No matter what you choose - your day, your choice! The most important thing is that you should totally feel comfortable with it!

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We’re so excited that elopements are slowly gaining popularity! This is finally what a wedding should be really about: About your connection to each other, about the moment when you look at each other and say your vows that show how much you mean to each other. Without haste, without fear, without restraint, because lots of guests are sitting in front of you and hear your vows.

It's about that moment when you look at each other and know that you want to spend the rest of your life together and this is the only thing that matters.